Online Casino Portal Sat, 19 Jan 2019 10:42:58 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Keno Sun, 01 Jul 2018 14:03:56 +0000 Keno, together with Bingo, is one of the more and more popular instant win and lottery games that can be found more and more often in the assortments of top online casinos. This lottery game originated in ancient China and was brought to the USA by Chinese migrant workers in the 19th century. As a pure gamble, Keno offers a long-lasting fun and games that is suitable for every type of player and budget.
Odds and odds

Keno is generally described as a casino game with relatively bad odds & odds. This can be divided opinion. For example, if you compare Keno with online slot machines, then you have the same chance of winning in this lottery game, and with much lower stakes. That’s why Keno is suitable for gamers who simply rely on the support of the lucky goddess Fortuna and just do not want to spend € 20 or more for a spin / game round per round, as with many slot machines and slot machines. The average house edge on Keno, depending on the variant or version, can be up to 30%. But if you include the much longer playing time with stakes in the amount of cent amounts,
game play
Keno betting on the result of drawing numbers in the range of 1 to 80. It will be determined in the draw 20 numbers and if you have clicked on the correct numbers or numbers on the virtual Keno ticket to get a win according to the paytable. There are generally no differences between keno in the land-based casino or an online casino, except … at an online casino you can participate in keno tournaments and promotions that are not available at casinos! As for the payout, here is an example: If you have selected 5 numbers as a player and all of them have been drawn, you will get 50 times your bet back as a win!
Keno Tips & Tricks
Before you decide on a specific Keno variant or version and play with and for real money, it is advisable to try them in the free play money and demo mode. So you get a quick feeling and an overview about which variant offers the better chances of winning. Set a weekly or daily game limit and budget before playing Keno. You should generally book winnings and not use them for further bets during the current daily game session. Remember – the longer you can play with your budget, the higher the chances that you will be able to make a profit. I can also recommend the simple and simple strategy that you always play with the same numbers. Take, for example, the dates of birth of your friends, Acquaintances or family and use these numbers every keno session. The probability that exactly these numbers can occur is higher than if you constantly click on other numbers or numbers on the virtual Keno ticket. Take part in tournaments, preferably the so-called freerolls. There you can measure your luck with other participants without an entry fee and the best players will even be rewarded with a cash, bonus or prizes in the end.

Craps Sun, 01 Jul 2018 14:01:07 +0000 Craps belongs to a casino or gambling temple in Las Vegas, Reno or Atlantic City like the church in every village. Although online craps may not seem as exciting as the atmosphere at a real craps table in the casino, you should still play this classic and exciting dice game in the online casino and take advantage of the great odds.
game play
The gameplay and gameplay in online craps are simple, but the many different betting and wagering options are a bit more complex in detail. Now let’s look at the gameplay and what online craps are all about. The player places his bets on the current player, the shooter or even against the die result. Each round starts with the dice roll of the two Craps dice, called “Come Out Roll” in jargon. If the result of this throw is 2,3,7,11 or 12, then the round is over and the winnings are paid out, if you are lucky.
During this gameplay or game process, you can place different bets on the virtual craps table. For beginners and novices, these very complex deployment options are confusing at first glance. I advise you and other craps interested in the first few attempts in the online casino to place easy bets on dice results; such bets have a relatively low house edge of just 1.4%. The simplest of bets is known as the “pass bet”. You win this bet if the die result should show a 7 or 11; one loses with a result of 2, 3 or 12.
In addition to the aforementioned bet, the player has the opportunity to place bets with doubled odds, without any house edge. This option is available if a point number should occur on a come-out roll. The house advantage is reduced significantly in this case.
If you take a look at a virtual craps table in the online casino, you notice an area marked as “pass-line”. Most Craps players place their bets on exactly this area. Personally, I recommend you to do just that. In most cases, you will be lucky and can make a profit.
Game Tips & Tricks
Craps is one of the few games of chance where you can look forward to low odds or a house edge for the casino. The goal should be that you can play with a predetermined budget as long as possible; This will ensure that profits can be made in the longer term. Strategies, as well as betting, use and game systems can not be applied to online craps. Such systems require that one day you land a hit and can compensate for its losses so far. The basic idea behind these betting systems is that you double the stake after each round of losing your bet until you’ve made a profit. The trouble with the whole thing is that you’ve probably already reached the table limit or lost your entire game budget. You prefer to play with relatively small stakes and for that much longer. The fun should always be the first priority when playing online craps.

Online slot machines Sun, 01 Jul 2018 13:57:03 +0000 Online slot machines and virtual slot machines are attracting more and more online casino players, and on this page we’ll look into the reasons why this type of gambling is so popular. Slot machines, one-armed bandits, slot machines and slot machines of the Merkur or Novoline brand have certainly seen most of you in the pub around the corner or in a game room and have also tried their luck. Today, thanks to the large and wide range of slot machines of all kinds in the assortments of the top online casinos, you no longer need to visit such venues. Good online casinos allow you and other slot machine fans to play and win 200+ online slots of all kinds.
game rules
In contrast to most other casino games, there are no special rules for online slot machines in a certain sense, but also in terms of things. All you have to do is set the total bet per spin, ie the value of the coins and the number of coins for each activated payline, etc., and the reels are set in motion by clicking the spin button. After the virtual reels come to rest you get a payout according to the paytable. If you have won nothing, then you try his luck just once again.
Slot Machines Types & Variants
In the assortment of a good, reputable, safe and fair online casino you will usually find the following categories of online slot machines and slot machines:
Classic 3-reel slots – These slot machines are nothing more than virtual one-armed bandits or standard 3-reel, 1-reel gaming machines. Some of these online slots offer a jackpot, others do not. The roller symbols are modeled on the classic fruit and pub slots, such as cherries, lemons, melons and of course the bar symbols.
5-Reel Pub and Fruit Slots – These slot machines are usually equipped with 5-reel and up to 9-paylines. Some versions of these virtual gaming devices have a jackpot and may also have a bonus game. Popular are pub slots, especially in the UK, so those with the nudge and hold function and a bonus game. In Australia, such slots are often referred to as pokies.
Video Slots – The most well-known and also most popular online slot machines. Features of these 5-reel, up to 243-payline video slots include Wild & Scatter Symbols, free spin bonus rounds with prize multipliers, exciting audiovisual effects such as video clips, and in many cases an interactive bonus round on a second separate screen.
Progressive Jackpot Slots – Such slot machines, usually video slots, are grouped into a progressive jackpot network either at an online casino or across the casino. Each stakes stake uses a percentage to continually top up the progressive jackpot until it is broken by a lucky player. It often happens that jackpots allow millions of dollars in profits.
Tips & Tricks
Since all slot machines and online slot machines are pure games of chance, there is no way to somehow influence or predict the outcome of a spin. The only promising strategy when playing online slots is effective bankroll or game budget management. The longer you can play with a self-imposed budget, the greater the chances that you can make a profit in this period.

Video poker Sun, 01 Jul 2018 13:51:56 +0000 Video poker slot machines in the online casino represent the perfect symbiosis of the poker game with slot machines. No other game is so suitable for a wide variety of players. No matter if you are a casual player, low roller or high roller; the many game versions and variations of virtual video poker gaming machines are there for everyone. By the way, video poker, like poker and blackjack, is by no means a game of chance, but it also depends a lot on the player’s decisions and the application of basic strategies on whether to win or lose.
In the online casino of your choice you should be able to offer you and other players a solid selection of Video Poker slot machines. The best-known variants include titles such as Deuces Wild, Jacks or Better, Aces and Faces, Joker Poker or Bonus Poker. All versions can or should at least be tested in the online casino in the free play-money or practice mode and thereby improve its game skills.
House Advantage & Payout Rates
Video Poker generally has one of the lowest house benefits and, conversely, the best odds for the players. With the use of game decision tables, which can be downloaded on the Internet for free from video poker game sites or player forums, the average house edge, even among inexperienced players, is just 1%. The average payout, taking account of the game version or variant, is 98% or higher.
Tips & Tricks
Before you even play video poker in the online casino with real money and you should familiarize yourself with the different variants, the game features and special rules. In addition I recommend you and other players the video poker slot machines as in Mr Green Casino or the InterCasino you can there, without even having logged in, conveniently and directly as an instant-play variant in playmoney and demo mode in the web browser can try.
Many video poker slot machines offer a chance after a win to double or quadruple in this all-or-nothing game where you can guess the color of the next card. I advise against this option, despite the 50/50 odds. You should always book winnings and not risk it.
If you want to keep your bankroll or game budget, or if you want to continue expanding slowly, you should consider playing video poker tournaments at your online casino. Many online casinos even offer free tournaments, called freerolls, where you risk no money at the end and can still secure great cash, bonus or prizes.
game play
The gameplay is the same for all variants or versions of online video poker slot machines. You can place 1 to 5 coins per round as a bet, whereby the value of each coin can be € 0.01 to € 5. The total game play is thus never more than € 25. After pressing / clicking the Deal button, you get dealt five cards. You decide which card (s) you want to keep or discard and press / click on the deal button again. Thereafter, the final card hand is compared to the paytable and a corresponding payout is triggered. If you’re lucky and have a Royal Flush on your hand, you can get back up to 5,000 times your bet as a win!

Roulette Sun, 01 Jul 2018 13:49:03 +0000 Roulette is probably the best-known table game that is offered in the best online casinos in different variants and versions. In the portfolio of an online casino should definitely be present variants – American, French and European roulette. Incidentally, live dealer casinos also offer this classic; You can follow the action on the home screen via a live video stream and even tip the croupiers or chat with staff and other roulette players!

game play
In online roulette, you place your bet on the virtual roulette table, as in the roulette in a casino or a casino. You can place your bet on individual numbers, number columns, number series, even / odd, or on the colors black / red. Then it starts, the virtual roulette ball is thrown into the roulette wheel and as soon as the ball has come to rest in one of the 37 (or 38) notches, you learn whether you have won or lost.
house advantage
The house edge in online roulette depends on the version or variant and in some cases on the specific house rules. The average house edge in European roulette is 2.7%, in American roulette with the additional 00 is 5.4%, in French roulette because of the advantageous house rules for the players at just over 1.4%. These facts alone suggest that American roulette should definitely be left out.
The bet on a single number at roulette pays in the ratio of 35: 1
Use on two numbers, known in jargon as split-bet, pays out in the ratio of 17: 1
If you place your bet on three numbers, the street bet, the payout ratio is 11: 1
A bet on four numbers, a so-called corner bet, is rewarded with a payout ratio of 8: 1
If you trust your luck and bet on six numbers, the payout is 5: 1
An outside bet on a dozen or a number column pays out in the ratio of 2: 1
All other bets, such as Black / Red or Even / Odd pay in the ratio of 1: 1
Tips & Tricks
Since roulette is purely a game of chance you can neither predict nor manipulate the results there. What does this mean for you as a player and are there any gaming, betting or stakes systems that work for online roulette? The clear and brutal answer to this – NO! Do not be fooled by unscrupulous scammers on the Internet, for a fee, of course, wanting to offer surefire gaming systems or roulette bot software. These systems do not work. You should also keep your fingers away from betting and stakes systems where, like the Martingale system, you should double the bet after each lost roulette game round. If you follow these systems, you will either soon reach the table limit or gamble your existing game budget in no time. The only sensible strategy that can be successfully used, as with all other pure gambling, is the effective management of the bankroll or game budget. Always set a game budget and a time limit and stop playing when you reach these limits. In the end, only a reasonable and responsible player leaves the virtual roulette table as the winner.

Casino Myths, superstitions and luck Sun, 01 Jul 2018 13:21:50 +0000 The lucky fairy or the fortune goddess Fortuna go hand in hand with myths and superstitions. In this article we want to take a close look at the nature of myths, superstitions and happiness and try to explain them with a bit of logic and / or common sense.
Is there someone who does not like casino myths? The gambling centers of Monte Carlo, Las Vegas and Macau are full of them. By the way, one of the myths was described by the famous mobster, Mario Puzo (Yes, the author of the “Godfather” series) in his novel “Fools Die”. There, pure oxygen is pumped into the game rooms at the casino so that the players do not tire so quickly and play more.
For a logical thinking person this is of course utter nonsense. If a casino tried this, would it work? Then there is also the misconception or the myth that when a number appeared at roulette, this will no longer appear. Every schoolchild will be able to explain that this is both right and wrong. The chance that the number re-occurs is 1-to-35, and 1-35 that does not happen.
Many roulette players try the sleeping number tactics. This is one of the theories (see previous section) that a number can not appear twice. Supporters of this crude theory or should one rather say erroneous, really record each result in the roulette and then put their calculations or simple observations then a small fortune on the appropriate number.
Casinos are packed with such confused superstitions and no matter what logical arguments one uses, the followers are firmly convinced. This applies to roulette as well as slots. With the help of superstition, the casinos could earn even more if they were only selling various lucky charms in an in-house souvenir shop to the gamblers.

Online Casino Info Sun, 01 Jul 2018 12:59:00 +0000 How everything works

Without dipping straight into the depths of complex matter, especially as far as the technological aspects of online gambling are concerned, let’s first get a general idea of ​​the online casino world waiting for you.
How the online casino software and the casino systems work while you sit comfortably in front of your computer on your comfortable office chair, drink a cup of tea or coffee, watch the radio in the background with your favorite music, becomes hard at the online casino behind the scenes worked to make your stay as safe & entertaining as possible. Actually, these are not humans, but a fully automated computerized system that keeps the whole thing running and constantly monitors it.

An online casino operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 (or 366) days a year. The operations handle tens of thousands of players and millions of dollars in transaction amounts. The sophisticated software is constantly and regularly improved to ensure a smooth flow. An online casino that offers such a smooth service is also trustworthy, professional and in a sense a product of an independent, computerized and sophisticated system on the one hand, and friendly, competent customer service and a user-friendly interface on the other.

When you visit casinos for the first time you will be asked to install software on your computer. The installation is a simple and quick process that allows the online casino to bring its games and audiovisual effects even better and faster. It is safe if you click the “Yes” button and wait for the installation and its instructions and then execute it.
Although all online gaming activities are focused on you, the overall picture is much bigger. At an online casino, there is a whole industry behind that offers these services to all their customers. The online casino computer and the other real-time users are all connected with you to offer you good service, fast games, higher jackpots and more fun. Incidentally, you will find Book of Ra Tips here if you follow the link.