July 1, 2018 Roulette


Roulette is probably the best-known table game that is offered in the best online casinos in different variants and versions. In the portfolio of an online casino should definitely be present variants – American, French and European roulette. Incidentally, live dealer casinos also offer this classic; You can follow the action on the home screen via a live video stream and even tip the croupiers or chat with staff and other roulette players!

game play
In online roulette, you place your bet on the virtual roulette table, as in the roulette in a casino or a casino. You can place your bet on individual numbers, number columns, number series, even / odd, or on the colors black / red. Then it starts, the virtual roulette ball is thrown into the roulette wheel and as soon as the ball has come to rest in one of the 37 (or 38) notches, you learn whether you have won or lost.
house advantage
The house edge in online roulette depends on the version or variant and in some cases on the specific house rules. The average house edge in European roulette is 2.7%, in American roulette with the additional 00 is 5.4%, in French roulette because of the advantageous house rules for the players at just over 1.4%. These facts alone suggest that American roulette should definitely be left out.
The bet on a single number at roulette pays in the ratio of 35: 1
Use on two numbers, known in jargon as split-bet, pays out in the ratio of 17: 1
If you place your bet on three numbers, the street bet, the payout ratio is 11: 1
A bet on four numbers, a so-called corner bet, is rewarded with a payout ratio of 8: 1
If you trust your luck and bet on six numbers, the payout is 5: 1
An outside bet on a dozen or a number column pays out in the ratio of 2: 1
All other bets, such as Black / Red or Even / Odd pay in the ratio of 1: 1
Tips & Tricks
Since roulette is purely a game of chance you can neither predict nor manipulate the results there. What does this mean for you as a player and are there any gaming, betting or stakes systems that work for online roulette? The clear and brutal answer to this – NO! Do not be fooled by unscrupulous scammers on the Internet, for a fee, of course, wanting to offer surefire gaming systems or roulette bot software. These systems do not work. You should also keep your fingers away from betting and stakes systems where, like the Martingale system, you should double the bet after each lost roulette game round. If you follow these systems, you will either soon reach the table limit or gamble your existing game budget in no time. The only sensible strategy that can be successfully used, as with all other pure gambling, is the effective management of the bankroll or game budget. Always set a game budget and a time limit and stop playing when you reach these limits. In the end, only a reasonable and responsible player leaves the virtual roulette table as the winner.